ComNet Realty is proud to present to you our Free Standing Single Tenant Development Program. This program is designed to take the time and resources involved in the development of real estate away from the retailer, enabling them to work on their core business. The program also is intended to provide “cookie cutter” development anywhere in the U.S. where the retailer desires a store. The standardization of documents, designs and procedures, along with our “on time – on budget” reputation, sets ComNet Realty apart from local or regional developers.

We are client driven. We are selective as to the quality of our client and their needs. We predominantly develop for medium sized, growth oriented, credit worthy companies, seeking strong quality demographic locations on a long-term triple net lease basis.

The Program is designed for the retailer (client) to have limited involvement in the due diligence and construction phases of development, yet have major input in the site selection and design approval phases. ComNet Realty offers a systematic open book method to developing, keeping constant communications with the client throughout the project. Depending on the scope of the work, with many possible variables, we usually can place a critical path method (C.P.M.) that will exhibit a timeline for a project between 8 – 10 months from site selection through occupancy. Our open book method allows you to audit project costs and see all bids received to ensure both quality and value in your development project.

Over the past several years, our clients include McDonald’s Corporation, La-Z-Boy Galleries, Schlotzsky’s Deli, Mattress Giant, Carl’s Furniture, and Tire Kingdom.

We appreciate your consideration, and pledge to reciprocate with the finest quality real estate development services available. We pride ourselves on our relationship, and encourage you to discuss our attributes with any of our references.